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S.No Meeting Notice Format Date
RajVikas Meeting of Hon'ble CM on 30.06.2017 20-06-2017
Minutes of the 1st Raj Vikas Meeting held on 30.06.2017 06-07-2017
Formulation of the Annual Scheme Document 2017-18 Format 07-07-2017
Quarterly meetings to review the status of PPP projects 10-07-2017
2nd Raj Vikas Meeting on 26.07.2017 17-07-2017
3rd Raj Vikas Meeting on 23.08.2017 17-08-2017
Revised Schedule of 3rd Raj Vikas Meeting 22-08-2017
4th Raj Vikas Meeting Notice 13-09-2017
Meeting for Committed and New items for 2018-19 Format 15-09-2017
Revised Meeting Notice of 4th Raj Vikas 19-09-2017
To review the status of State's Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects as on September 30, 2017 16-10-2017
5th Raj Vikas Meeting Notice 23-10-2017
Revised Schedule of 5th Raj Vikas Meeting 24-10-2017
Revised Estimates Meetings 2017-18 Format 20-11-2017
6th Raj Vikas Meeting Notice 24-11-2017
Meeting Notice of 7th Raj Vikas on 21.12.2017 15-12-2017
Quarterly Review Meeting Notice and Schedule Format 05-01-2018
Quarterly Review Meeting Notice and Schedule Format 02-04-2018
Meeting Notice to review the status of PPP Projects as on 31.03.2018 10-04-2018
Meeting Notice regarding Targets and Achivements of schemes for the year 2017-18 02-05-2018

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