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S.No Subject Format Attachment Date
7th Pay Commission Fixation Order of Evaluation Officers 2018-03-28
Provisional Seniority List of Economics and Statistical Services, 2018 2018-04-02
Provisional Seniority List of Evaluation Services as on 02.04.2018 2018-04-02
Show Cause Notice 2018-04-03
Order regarding TPP Portal Training 2018-04-06
Fixation Order of Statistical Officers 2018-04-23
Formats for Monthly Progress Report, 2018-19 2018-04-27
Amendment in Superannuation order of Shri Rakesh Mathur 2018-05-04
Pay Fixation of Probationer Statistical Officers 2018-05-08
Appointment Order of Shri Manish Rathore Statistical Officer 2018-05-11
Transfer and posting orders of Statistical and Evaluation Services 2018-05-22
Amendment in Transfer and Posting Orders dated 22.05.2018 2018-05-23
Promotion Orders of Director Statistics 2018-06-06
Posting Order of Director Statistics 2018-06-06
Promotion Order of Director Statistics 2018-06-07
Office Order regarding ACR 2018-06-15
Fixation Order of Statistical Officers 2018-06-18
Promotion and Posting Orders of Statistics 2018-06-25
Office Order regarding Immovable Property Return 2018-07-09
Fixation Order of Statistical Officers 2018-07-30
Office Order regarding ACR 2018-08-02
Office order regarding ACR 2018-08-09
Order regarding Civil List Queries 2018-08-29
Fixation Order of Statistical Officers 2018-09-25
Promotion Orders of Joint Directors 2018-09-26
Corrigendum of order dated 22.05.2018 2018-09-27
Office Order regarding ACR 2018-10-01
Transfer and Posting Order of Statistics 2018-10-03
Promotion Order of Statistics Department 2018-10-05
Transfer Order of Statistics and Evaluation 2018-10-05
Online IPR 2018-10-08
Office Order regarding ACR 2018-11-12
Officer Order regarding ACR 2018-11-29
Online IPR 2019-01-03
Superannuation Order of Statistics Services 2019-01-03
Tentative Revised Scheme Ceiling 2018-19 2019-01-05
Tentative Schemes Ceiling 2019-20 2019-01-08
Officer Order regarding ACR 2019-01-09
Office Order regarding ACR for District Level Officers 2019-01-10

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