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Main functions

i) Collection of data from different departments, scrutiny of data, preparation of tables and manuscripts for regular publications viz. Statistical Abstract, Basic Statistics, Socio Economic Statistics, Some Facts about Rajasthan, District Statistical Outlines and other adhoc publications.
ii) Coordination of Statistical activities of Central and State Governments departments and other organisations.
iii) Agenda notes, compliance of minutes and action taken on the recommendations of the conference of Central and State Statistical Organisations.
iv) Implementation of the recommendations of the National Statistical Commission and their progress reports, etc.

Statistical Abstract

This publication is being brought out annually. It provides information on different sectors of the State Economy. The data presented in this publication relates to the Calendar/ Financial/Agriculture/Cooperative year as per nature of services provided by the respective departments. This publication contains data series of the State for the last 5 years with district wise break-ups for the latest year. Main sections of this publication are Area and Population, Environment Statistics, Vital Statistics, Housing, Education, Health and Family Welfare, Social Security and Social Defence, State Income, Agriculture, Irrigation, Animal Husbandry and Dairy, Forestry, Rural development and Cooperative, Mining and Quarrying, Manufacturing, Trade, Transport & Communication, Tourism, Labour and Employment, Banking, Price and Indices, Public Finance, Five Year Plans, Electricity and Power, Public Administration & Electoral Statistics. Each section of the publication also provides a brief note describing the concepts, definitions used, scope and coverage of data and source of information.

Basic Statistics

This publication is being brought out annually. It provides important information on different sectors of the State Economy in the form of tables. The tables relate to various Socio-Economic & Developmental activities being implemented by the State Government Departments.

The contents of the this publication includes data on population, climate, Agriculture and Livestock, Irrigation, Forest, Cooperation, Industry, Mining, Labour, Employment, Housing, Fuel and Power, Transport and Communications, Prices, Education, Medical and Health, Local bodies, Finance and trade State Income, Planning and Development, Law and Order, Vidhan Sabha, General Election, etc.

Socio Economic Statistics

This publication contains important information relating to various aspects of Socio-Economic Developmental activities and detailed socio economic data of the State and district-wise classification of administration, area & population, agriculture, irrigation, livestock & poultry, cooperation, industries, electricity & water supply, transport and communication, education, employment, medical & Health.

Some Facts about Rajasthan

The publication ?Some facts about Rajasthan" is an annual publication which provides precise available information for latest year. It has been divided in two parts. Part-I contain information of different sectors of the Economy of the State and Part-II contains information about characteristics of population and population projection.

District Outline

The department brings out district statistical outline every year for every district. This publication contains the data series of the district for the last 5 years with Tehsil/Panchayat Samiti/Nagar Palika breaks up for the latest year. In this publication, the information regarding population, agriculture, irrigation, forest, education, livestock, medical & health and other various sectors are included.


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