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               1. Base Year 2004-05

                                        2.  New Base Year 2011-12                



The Finance Unit brings out a publication entitled Economic Review every year which is presented with of the State Government Budget in the Assembly. Besides, publications on Budget Study and Budget at a Glance are also being prepared every year in collaboration with the Finance Department. These publications provide a concise picture of economic development and the State finances with the help of charts and graphs.

This unit is also engaged in Economic and Purpose classification of the State Budget with a view to reflect the economic impact of budgetary operations of the State Government through capital formation, transfer payments, savings and generation of income, etc. The classification adopted in analysis of budget follows the pattern set out by Regional Accounts Committee, Government of India.

A Comparative Study of States Finances which contains budgetary details for all the States of India is also brought out by the Finance Unit. State-wise data about the total and per capita receipts and expenditure with break up under the heads Revenue, Capital and Loans are also presented in the publication.

The annual publication 'Census of Government Employees' is brought out which provides statistics of State Government employees according to their pay ranges, emoluments, etc. Districtwise position of employees is also made available in this publication.


In the year 1956, the estimates of state income (SDP) were prepared first time for the year 1954-55 in the state income unit (Research unit) of the Directorate. Since then, the estimates of SDP and related aggregates are being continuously prepared. The estimates of State Domestic Product have been widely accepted as single composite indicator to assess overall effect of developmental activities in various economic sectors of the State. The SDP estimates are prepared both at current and constant prices by following the standard methodology recommended by the National Accounts Division of Central Statistical Organisation (CSO). These estimates are being prepared for all sectors of the economy viz. Agriculture including Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Fisheries, Mining & Quarrying, Manufacturing (registered and un-registered), Construction, Electricity, Gas & Water Supply, Railways, other Transport & Storage, Communication, Trade, Hotels & Restaurants, Banking & Insurance, Real estate, Ownership of Dwellings, Legal Services, Business Services, Public Administration and Other Services.

Similar to that of estimates of State Domestic Product (SDP), estimates of District Domestic Product (DDP) are also being prepared. Besides, estimates of Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) are also computed.


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