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Progress of Strengthening State Plans for Human Development (SSPHD)

Human Development Index-2007: Districts and the State of Rajasthan

Districtwise Human Development Indices

Resource persons for Human Development

State Human Development Update Report 2008

District Human Development Reports



 · Barmer

·  Dholpur

·  Jhalawar

·  Dungarpur


Human Development Research and Coordination unit

HDR&C unit was established in 2004 at Directorate of Economics and Statistics as HDR&C unit. The unit was established originally to implement a UNDP and Planning Commission assisted project ?Strengthening State Plans for Human Development?. A brief of the project is as under:


Priority issues

The key outcomes under the project can be grouped under the priority issues of Analysis, Advocacy and Action. The activities would address the need:

·                   To further deepen human development analysis, and to strengthen the capacity for analysis, so as to ensure a better understanding - at all levels - of key human development issues, priorities and challenges

·                   To strengthen human development advocacy through the dissemination and outreach of SHDRs and the outputs from their follow-up to ensure that their messages are internalized by planners and implementers of development programmes including line departments, agencies, district administration and local bodies and,

·                   For effective human development action, by contributing to informed decision-making through the identification and selection of high-impact human development strategy, policy and programme options as well as of convincing and sustainable human development financing options


Key Components

A. State Specific Activities

1) Follow-up to the State Human Development Reports(SHDRs) 

Capacity Building of State Planning Departments/Boards to Institutionalise Further the SHDR Process

HDRC unit has been established under State Planning Department at DES to facilitate systematic follow-up to SHDRs. Training, equipment and research support has been provided by UNDP to operationalise this unit. This is being done to identify priority human development sectors requiring policy attention and initiate action research on specific themes with a view to arriving at concrete action plans and programmes.


Pilot District-Level and Participatory HDR Exercises


Four districts have been identified for preparation of District Human Development Reports on a pilot basis. These districts are Barmer, Jhalawar, Dungarpur and Dholpur.

2) Strengthening State statistical systems


The project has provided Training, equipment and research support required for the Directorate of Economics & Statistics to enhance skills of its staff at all levels.


3) Financing of human development


Identification of Issues and Options for Financing of Human Development in the State

This component is being implemented with the participation of the Reserve Bank of India, national institutions such as National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), in coordination with the State government and bodies such as the Finance Commissions at the national and State level.

Analysis of Selected Schemes (Central and State) for Human Development

The establishment of a compendium of good and thus replicable human development practices would benefit greatly from the analysis of a few selected schemes pertaining to the human development priority sectors (both Central and State schemes). The selection has been done in consultation with the State and the report is being prepared by PRAYAS, Pune.

About Human Development

Human development is about creating an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests. People are the real wealth of nations. Development is thus about expanding the choices people have to lead lives that they value. And it is thus about much more than economic growth, which is only a means a very important one of enlarging peoples choices.

The indices of human development

Each year since 1990 human development reports have published  a human development index (HDI) that looks beyond GDP to a broader definition of wellbeing. The HDI provides a composite measure of three dimensions of human development:

·                   living a long and healthy life (measured by life expectancy),

·                   being educated (measured by adult literacy and enrolment at the primary, secondary and tertiary level) and

·                   having a decent standard of living (measured by purchasing power parity, PPP, income).

In 2006, India ranked 126 out of 177 countries in the HDI that provides a composite measure of the three dimensions- life expectancy, adult literacy and standard of living- of human development. India's position among the 177 countries on the Human Development Index (HDI) stumbled down by two points to end at 128 as per the latest Human Development Report (HDR) released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in November 2007.

Human Development in Rajasthan

Even as Rajasthan witnessed a growth of HDI from 0.3983 in 1991 to 0.5709 in 2001 on a total value of 1 and the all-India ranking improved from 11th in 1991 to 9th in 2001.The ranking is for fifteen (15) states in the country. The contributing factors in the improvement of HDI have been different in both the decades. During 1981-91, growth in incomes was the main contributor while growth in education and literacy was the contributing factor during 1991-2001.
Rajasthan released its first Human Development Report in 2002 focussing sustainable livelihoods and human development in the context of globalization. The report addresses the issues of income and employment generation, poverty reduction and regional disparities, the provision of basic services, participation and development of human capabilities.
Currently, an update of the State Human Development Report 2002 is under preparation. This report observes changes in the recent decade and progress made towards attaining Millennium Development Goals.


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