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Industrial Survet(A.S.I)

1. Annual Survey of Industries

Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is being conducted every year.  Coverage of ASI extends to the entire factory sector comprising industrial units (called factories) registered under the section 2(m) (i) and 2(m) (ii) of the Indian Factories Act, 1948.
For the purpose of ASI, the factories in the frame are classified into two sectors viz. census and the sample sectors.  Where the factories employing 100 or more workers constitute the census sector, the remaining factories constitute the Central and State sample sector.  The field work of the Census and Central Sample sectors carried out by the Field Operation Division (FOD) of the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) and the field work of the state sample sector by Directorate of Economics & Statistics. 
The ASI results are based on the pooled data collected by NSSO and Directorate of Economics & Statistics.  ASI schedules covers employment, investment, power/fuel/raw material consumption, output and value added etc. 

2. Index of Industrial Production (Base Year 2011-12)

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is a short-term micro economic indicator widely used in measuring the industrial growth of the State. The index indicates the relative change over time in the volume of production in industrial sector and it is an effective tool to measure the trend of current industrial production.

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Statistics Department, Rajasthan has been compiling/releasing index of industrial production for the Rajasthan State since 1971 as per the guidelines of the Central Statistical Office (CSO), Govt. of India.Presently IIP Constructed on the basis of base year 2011-12.

Present status of IIP in Rajasthan

At Present  State compiled IIP on a monthly basis under base year 2011-12.The current series (Base year 2011-12) of Index of Industrial  Production for state initially 314 industrial units have been selected for collection of production data in respect of 156 items. The base year(2011-12) production data in respect of the selected items has been supplied by CSO on the basis of 2011-12 schedules made available by NSSO. Publication of IIP released upto 2017 and publication of 2018 is being under finalized.

Three major sectors in IIP 

• Manufacturing:- For Manufacturing Sector the Production data is collecting for selected items from selected industrial units through district statistical officer’s and Now IIP web Portal has been developed for collection of regular data from districts through an online system.

• Mining:- Mining sector production data is supplied by Indian Bureau of Mines, (IBM) Nagpur.

• Electricity:- Electricity sector generation figures furnished by the central Electricity Authority New Delhi.

Selection of Units

The units producing a particular item will first be arranged in descending order of production

• Cut off point accounting for a reasonable portion of the item’s total production in the State, say at least 25%, may determine the number of units to be selected in the sample for that particular item.

Collection of Data Base year (2011-12)

• For any selected item, the month-wise production data is to be collected from selected list of units.

• Monthly production of each factory/unit for the year 2011-12 is to be computed in average bases and sum this average monthly production figures for all those selected factories for this item.

• This figure will be the base year quantity for the ith item, which will be used in compilation of IIP.


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